Monday, October 23, 2006

Peter King Prepared to Spend his $1.5million War Chest?

More on King running scared.....

According to the NYPost, "Powerful Long Island Republican Rep. Peter King says he plans to empty his $1.6 million campaign war chest by Election Day - a sign that the senior lawmaker is sweating his race in a dicey year for the GOP.
"No sense having money in the bank," King told The Post. "I take every race seriously, because you never know what's going to happen."
King, 62, is facing an aggressive challenge from 35-year-old Nassau County Democratic legislator Dave Mejias.
Mejias touts a recent independent poll that had King up by only 2 points.
Aides say King's own polling had him up 30 points a few weeks ago.
But that was before the Mark Foley House page scandal, further casualties in Iraq and President Bush's low approval ratings threatened to create an environment dangerous GOP incumbents.
King admits he faces a "national mood" that could work against him.
"This really has nothing to do with my opponent," he said of his busy campaign schedule and pricey TV ads. "It's [to] make sure that I'm running strongly against the national climate."

Early on in the race, King dismissed Mejias as being the "third choice" to run against him.
I guess the "third choice" is turning out to be the first choice for voters.
Also, if King took "every race seriously," he wouldn't have a million dollar campaign fund.
He never spent like this in past races.

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