Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How Powerful is Peter King?

Congress.org has compiled its Power Rankings. Let's take a look at where King stands. The methodology for the rankings are based on position, influence and legislative activity.
According to the listing, King is ranked # 66 out of 232 republicans for power.
In the full House, King drops to #83.
In the New York congessional delegation, King is #7 out of 29. He is behind Democrat Charlie Rangel at #3 and Democrat Nita Lowey at #6.
Of course this ranking is probably changed since #1 Tom Reynolds is involved in the Foley cover-up.
The breakdown for King shows the majority of his "power" score comes from being Chairman of the Homeland Security Commitee. Of a possible 75 points, 39 comes from his chairmanship while only 1 point for influence and 2 points for legislation.
King is fairly weak on influence and legislation. Without his chairmanship, his power ranking would be much, much further down the list.


Anonymous said...

Even though he is Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, he has been so ineffective they should deduct an additional 40 points since he couldn't stop a 40% cut in New York's HS funding!

Anonymous said...

You mean "Homeland Insecurity" committee - King is as useless a hack as there is. And where the hell was he on mandating inspection of cargo containers coming into US ports???????

TimJ said...

King was there with george Bush and his far right buddies in the GOP voting AGAINST mandating inspection of cargo containers entering the U.S ports