Monday, June 23, 2008

King Gets Hypocritical on Illegal Irish ex-IRA fugitive

King is all about protecting the borders, no amnesty for illegals and taking a hardline on law-breakers... unless of course they are ex-IRA gunmen here in the US.
The Brownsville Texas Herald reports that IRA fugitive from justice Pol Brennan was arrested at the Sarita checkpoint. Border Patrol agents caught him with an expired work permit. He was denied bail and held at a detention facility.
King comes to Brennan's defense "My experience dealing with (Irish) republicans is that they don't jump bail in this country. They honor their commitments. Based on my experience, and also the republican movement's commitment to the peace process, I think he should get bail."

Brennan already proved himself untrustworthy when he BROKE OUT OF PRISON 25 years ago!!!!!
Exactly what "committment" did Brennan "honor" then?????

And what does the peace process in Ireland have to do with a former IRA gunman here on an expired work visa?
Brennan "had been serving a 23-year sentence at the prison after being convicted of possessing a bomb and a firearm." when he broke out of prison 25 years ago.
Just an innocent Irish lad trying to get by in this world right Peter?

Why was Brennan allowed to stay here in the first place? He was a terrorist.
Why is King once again defending a terrorist?

"In April, Texas immigration judge Howard Achtsam rejected Brennan's bail petition because he deemed Brennan a flight risk and a danger to society."

More background from the article "For much of the 1980s and ‘90s, while being pursued by British authorities, Brennan lived quietly under the name Pol Morgan, and worked in the construction industry throughout the United States. He was arrested in 1994, and fought a lengthy battle against extradition. During the fight, he spent three years in Bay Area prisons.
But in 2000, the British government withdrew requests for Brennan and other participants of the 1983 Maze prison break as a part of the Belfast Agreement. The agreement normalized relations between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom."

The Belfast Telegraph reports "US authorities have known about Brennan’s whereabouts since the FBI arrested him in Berkley, California in 1993.
Although Britain dropped its seven-year drive to have Brennan extradited in 2000, Department of Homeland Security prosecutors now want him deported because he entered the US using a phony name months after the escape."


Unknown said...

Dear author of the above blob,I was wondering just where you got the idea that Pól is a terrorist. You haven't cited one single example of political violence done by Pól. You claim that he was sentenced to twentysix years. again another error on your part. You also called him a gunman. ANY proof of that either??? I know the man, he's not a gunman.
About the Kesh,Pól made no commitment to stay there, the Diplock Court and Maggie Thatcher(God Damn her soul to Hell} made the commitment that he would stsy there {16 years with 8 years off for complying)Not him! As to the mistomeaner gun charge. he became an American. EVERY American Male owns a gun, but this pistol he had was a Target pistol, in other words, fuckin useless for self defence or crime. As to the assault, you're a blobber, so you wouldn't understand, There is NO Non Union contractor IN THE COUNTRY who doesent understand that he's going to get his ass beat for owing his guys that kiind of moneyPlease do yourself & your readers a favour and read the whole story, I also hope that you will be man enough to publish my story in its intireity.
Thank you for allowing me this time One more thing mo chora, Thank you for giving me the time to point out my vieww At some point, I hope you will take the time to send your article to Pól and as him what really happened. I know that it really educated me, or if you want to contact me,you've
got my email,
Thank you.

Libertarian Girl said...

Last I checked, you can often tell the character of a person by the company they keep. Being a member of a terrorist organization is not exactly a great character reference.

You defend a member of the IRA and yet attack Margaret Thatcher and damn her to hell? I'm assuming you support the IRA's decision to try to kill her with a bomb, then, Ed?

A target pistol is useless for self-defense or crime? Most people who have 'target pistols' (AKA handguns) in their houses have them there for self-defense.

The point is that King attacks illegal immigrants yet defends this man who came into the country illegally as a fugitive from the law of our close ally. He also says that he is "strong on terrorism" yet defends a member of a terrorist organization. He's a total hypocrite.

Unknown said...

Brilliant comments. Peter King is against terrorism in Afghanistan but supported assassination,bombings and cold blooded murder in Northern Ireland.