Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? King Opponent Dave Denenberg Fundraising

"For just $25, you can dethrone Peter King.

The only way this country will change the direction in which it is heading is if we change the make-up of Congress. Democrats need to gain the majority. This is the year it is going to happen.

We will have a Democratic governor. We will have a Democratic senator. Let’s elect a Democratic congressman.

Nassau County Legislator Dave Denenberg wants to run against Peter King. All of you who know Dave, know that there is no one on Long Island more qualified than he is. If you want to learn more about him, please check out his website at

I recommend that you read the Merrick Life article posted on that website entitled “Denenberg Saves Caucus”, which explains how he took hold of a bad situation in the Nassau County legislature and made it work. Isn’t that exactly what we want in Congress?
Someone who is not afraid to take control of a congressional session, fight for what he believes in and leave the meeting with an end product that we Democrats would be proud of.

If given the chance, I know Dave Denenberg will save this country from the direction it is heading.

If everyone who reads this contributes just $25, Dave Denenberg will defeat Peter King.

The polls show that Peter King is vulnerable. His voting record is deplorable. He votes the Republican agenda, even it means hurting his constituents. He is Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee and yet he voted to deny the 9/11 families the money promised them. He votes to forgive the energy conglomerates from cleaning up Long Island’s MTBE that has contaminated our soil, leaving Long Island taxpayers to pick up the tab. He is in favor of upgrading Plum Island to a facility that will conduct experiments on the most highly contagious diseases known to mankind, such as anthrax and small pox – rendering a facility that is already a known terrorist target, even more dangerous.

And Katrina happened while Peter King chaired the Homeland Security’s Emergency Preparedness, Science and Technology Committee. Need I say more…

Dave Denenberg has degrees in chemical engineering and law. He specializes in intellectual property and environmental law. He represents private individuals in lawsuits concerning environmental contamination. We desperately need someone in Congress who will look out for us. In the legislature, Dave Denenberg has secured more money for his district than any other legislator. He is the only legislator that has an office in his district, which he keeps open at his own expense. He has held over 150 community meetings. His reputation for constituent service was recognized by Newsday.

Dave Denenberg has the reputation as the hardest working legislator. One can only imagine what he will do once he gets to Congress.

But it will take money. He needs to raise $1 million to turn Peter King’s district into Dave Denenberg’s district. And it’s crunch time. He must raise $250,000 by March 1. Contributions of $50, $100 or more will make the possibility of his meeting his goal even greater.

Please make your check out to “Denenberg for Congress” and mail to:

Claudia Borecky
c/o Legislator Dave Denenberg
2818 Merrick Road
Bellmore, NY 11710

Please write your affiliated organization on the memo portion of your check.
Let’s make this happen.

Please print out the contribution clause below and include it with your payment:

Please sign below: I designate my contribution(s), composed of personal funds, to Denenberg for Congress as follows: the first $2,100 for the 2006 primary election and any additional amount that I contribute up to $2,100, for the 2006 general election.

Signature required
­­­* An individual may contribute a maximum amount of $2,100 per election (the primary and general are separate elections) to a federal candidate. Federal multi-candidate political action committees (PACs) may contribute $5,000 per election. Contributions from corporations, labor organization treasury funds, foreign nationals, and federal government contractors are prohibited. Corporations and individuals are strictly prohibited from reimbursing another person for making a contribution to Denenberg for Congress.

Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation, and name of employer for each individual whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200 per election cycle.

Name: Email:

Occupation: Employer:




Phone: (H) (W) (F)

Corporate contributions to the Committee are prohibited by law.

Contributions to the Committee are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes


Joel Peskoff said...

That is a bad website ( that is, unless you are looking for the Denenberg family of Omaha, Nebraska.

I think you want

Joel Peskoff said...

The website in the post is wrong. is the Denenberg family of Omaha, Nebraska.

You want

Joel Peskoff said...

The website in the post is wrong. is the Denenberg family of Omaha, Nebraska.

You want

Joel Peskoff said...

The website in the post is wrong. is the Denenberg family of Omaha, Nebraska.

You want

Anonymous said...

Just wondering.. How's Dave doing? I haven't heard anything since he announced he was considering a run. I would Lo-o-o-ove to see King sent packing.

Anonymous said...

If I weren't just barely hanging on in this economy, I'd gladly give $25 to give this Republican barf bag what he deserves. And I live in New Jersey. Making vicious, slanderous public comments about people just because of what some may believe is not only a pitiful cry for attention, but it is judging without having the facts. And by doing so, Mr. King has now become yet another in the growing list of Republican public servants whose diarrhea of the mouth will get him into hot water. And deservedly so. Schmuck.