Tuesday, February 21, 2006

King of the Environment - Scores 11% with League of Conservation Voters

The League of Conservation Voters has released its 2005 Scorecard (.pdf d0wnload) and Peter King ranks at the bottom for New York State. King ties Staten Island rep Vito Fossella with 11%. The only rep with a lower score on the environment is Rep. Kuhl with 6%.
How can these numbers be so low? The 3rd CD covers the South Shore and the North Shore. The need for a strong pro-environment stance should be a requirement for any representative from Long Island. His vote for MTBE is one that should be his shame.
Reps. McCarthy, Bishop, Ackerman and Isreal all score a 94%
Kings record on the environment hasn't been that good with a score of 16% in the 108th congress and 23% in the 107th. With 11% in the 109th congress, King keeps getting worse and worse.

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