Tuesday, August 22, 2006

King on the 2004 Election

Here is a snippet of video where King seems to be saying that the 2004 election is in the bag for Bush because they (the republicans) will be doing the counting. This video was made a month before the election.
Didn't look like he was joking either.

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Anonymous said...

This is off-topic, but King-related, and I wish to God someone would look into it.

Have you ever wondered why this ultraconservative voted NOT to impeach Clinton--virtually the only break he has ever made with the radical right--after Larry Flynt threatened to expose legislators who were harrassers or philanderers?

I know several King ex-staffers who can attest to his sleazy ways. Any money spent on a reputable private investigator to look into King's sleazy private life would be money well spent. It would damage him politically and expose him as a humongous hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

What did his ex-staffers say?

Fixer said...

Sources, man, sources. Names, dammit. Email me something if you got it and I'll look into it.

Anonymous said...

Peter King voted to means test Medicare Part B as well as Medicare Part D which works as a back door way to cut Social Security benefits and turn Medicare into a welfare program. This means testing of Medicare Part B will occur in 2007. Also the Republicans will do nothing to stop the Medicare Part B premium from going to 98 dollars a month in 2007. Republicans like to say they hold the line on income taxes but their government takes more money out of your pocket in other ways. By the way, do you like paying $3 a gallon for gas? Thank George W Bush and the Republicans for that. The Republican party has done nothing to stop the oil companies from doubling the price of gasoline in the short 6 years of the Bush administration. The Republicans have done nothing to stop the increase of heating oil as well.

Vote for Democrat Dave Mejias instead for congress in the 3rd congressional district this November.


Anonymous said...

There is no sexual dirt on King out there to be found. Just the thought of him F***ing should make us all sick. He spends his nights watching himself on TV. He voted against impeachment for one reason only, he wanted Clinton in the White House so he could get the Irish peace deal.