Sunday, November 05, 2006

Counting Chickens

King likes to tout his position as Homeland Security Committee Chairman and the "clout" that it brings. The first problem is that whil ehe has been chairman, New York had its Homeland Security funding cut by 40%. So much for Kings "clout."
And now the second problem is that after this tuesday no matter what happens in the King v. Mejias race, King will no longer be the chairman. All signs are pointing to a Democratic majority which mean if King can win on tuesday, he will lose his chairmanship.
King would return to the position if back-bencher.

Democratic Congressman Steny Hoyer came to Long Island to stump for Dave Mejias, "Hoyer pledged that if Democrats win control of the House his party will get the funding formula changed to reflect the greater risks big cities like New York face. A Democratic House would take the homeland security chairman's gavel from King and give it to Rep. Bennie Thompson, of Mississippi, but Hoyer said that still would be better for New York. "You need to put (the money) where the risk is occurring," Hoyer said. "That argument is going to be made by a rural representative from Mississippi. Frankly, he may be better able to do that."

King tried to retort but fell flat "I'm more than willing to let the people of Long Island decide whether they want someone from rural Mississippi trying to get money for New York or whether they want someone from Long Island with a proven record who's been endorsed by every police and firefighter organization in the city and state,"

Did he say "proven track record"?????
The track record that King has is one of embarrassment.
Under his "leadership" New York LOST money.
Does King think voters in his district are that stupid that can't see he has been a miserable failure?

Mejias responds to King "Quite frankly, we couldn't do any worse,"


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