Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Unofficial Numbers

King: 97,279 - 56%
Mejias: 76,943 - 44%
100% Precincts Reporting

The certified vote will take a few day or more since the paper/absentee ballots were impounded by the state.

We'll have what each candidate spent soon.

Here are historical numbers:
King ..... 65%
Langberg ..... 35%

2000 (Presidential election year)
King ..... 135,328.... 60%
Lamagna ..... 90,290.... 40%

King..... 116,931....72%
Finz ..... 44,289 .... 27%

2004 (Presidential election year)
King ..... 167,008 .... 63%
Mathies ..... 97,534 .... 37%

King..... 97,279 ... 56%
Mejias..... 76,943 ... 44%

This year is the worst return for King since his first election when he got 51% of the vote.
While all other incumbent candidates on Long Island and the NYC area (save Fosella in Staten Iland) easily passed 60%, King didn't get close.


Anonymous said...

A sad night for our district, the better, more honorable man surely did not win. King (and his ill-informed supporters) stand for everything that has dishonored America in the past 6 years: he's a liar ("Bahgdad is like Manhattan"), a cheat ("we count the votes"), pious when it's convenient (a darling of the Christian conservative voter), a hypocrite (IRA = good), a bully, ineffective (NYs loss of 40% security funds on his watch), and a blowhard. He doesn't care about the environment, doesn't care about the elderly, doesn't care about those with diseases that could be cured by stem cell research, and ultimately, does not really care about our security - if he did, he would not have opposed the 911 commission. A man like that, who has no respect for the immigrants that make this country great, or the journalists that work to give free and fair news, or the religious leaders that have learned to coexist, a man like that must fall from his pillar of fear, and hopefully, one day soon.

Anonymous said...

Sour grapes. Take it like a man. Obviously you're on the wrong side of the issues when it comes to the 3rd CD

Anonymous said...

the comment before me is by someone so misinformed I don't even know where to start - journalists who give free and fair news - Newsday tried to run this race but luckily the people spoke and King (who supports legal immigration) won.

Anonymous said...

I am not misinformed, only a little late in responding to you.

My reference to "free and fair journalism" was not re: King's fight with Newsday - although we could certainly discuss his mountain of lies there. I was referring to King's call that "Tim Russert should be shot" and NY Times reporters should be arrested for leaking classified information. The press is designed to be our 4th branch, without their efforts, the public would never know when the government is lying, abusing or breaking the law (as evidenced with the NSA spying, Valerie Plame leak, downingstreetmemo, etc). Remember - the gov't works for us. King's efforts to silence the press are a dangerous threat to one of the foundations of a democracy.

#2. King and I both support legal immigration. His view on deporting the 11 million illegal immigrants is at best unrealistic grandstanding, and at worst cruel. These immigrants are here for the work and you know as well as I, that they are contributing members of society. The only way to stop an influx of immigration, is to put the focus on employers who are too cheap to pay an American a living wage. Also, if you are so offended by the presence of these hard-working immigrants, who are, no doubt, doing jobs neither of us want, then I propose you (and Mr. King) enquire before you eat at any restaurant about the status of all busboys and kitchen help - same goes for yardwork, staying at a hotel, maybe even eating food where the potatoes or tobacco was harvested by illegal aliens.

Unless you are Native American, then you, I, and King were all immigrants to this country. That's the point, it's what we're made of.

Also, I find any attempt to connect these Mexican workers to 9-11 utterly ridiculous. But I would not be at all surprised if King and his doting supporters are still doing it in 2008.