Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My Friend Dave Mejias

I am proud to have supported Dave Mejias for Congress.
Dave might have lost tonight but he fought the good fight and did what no other candidate running against King has done - scare the crap out of him.
Dave Mejias officially entered the race in June... a very late start for a campaign. He raised a record amount of money in a short period of time and built his name recognition by meeting the people of the 3rd Congressional District face to face.
In a district that was gerrymandered for Peter King, Dave did a great job. It's easy to claim victory if the voter registration numbers favor you 2-1. But that's like saying you hit a triple even though you were born on third base.

A shout-out to the men and women who helped Dave... Premo, Brendan, Gina, Gabby, Jason, Matt, and all the people down on Main Street. This race was something to be proud of.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't be that proud. Double digit loss by candidate with name recognition, spending over $1 million, terrible poll #s for Bush and Republicans, and strong Dem top of the ticket. Looks like Mejias put together a bad campaign to me.

Anonymous said...

We'll see you in two years Johnny. No comment on how your boy Heller did huh??

Anonymous said...

Hold on a minute. Dont go saying Mejias ran a bad campaign! He started late because everyone thought Dennenberg was running, then drops out. Then there is King's name recognition and the perceived infatuation with those who remember 9/11 all too well (and understandably) and the swap he made with Steve Israel to make this district even more Republican than it already was. Then King EMPTIES his bank account of over $1.6 million! Well, he didnt do it because Mejias ran a bad campaign or was just some idle candidate. So do me a favor - look at the facts. King Peter is not the King, at least not in Washingdon anymore. And enough people saw him for what he is - a phony and hypocrite. And Mejias did a lot in a short time with a late start. The election is over, enough sour grapes, if you are happy King won, well, you will get what you asked for. I know thats not what I and about 60,000 others did not want. Lets just hope the new Democratic leadership can start to clean up the huge messs created by this administration.

GF said...

Winning 44% in a district where 33% of voters are registered Dems, after getting outspent by a ton, I'd say that David Mejias has a lot to be proud of.

Now the new chair of the Homeland Security committee will have to call in an upholsterer, 'cause no cleaner can get the stink of Peter King out of that chair.

Anonymous said...

Yea if Mejias is the best you have, you should just sit down and shut up. King is an outspoken man and the people of his District want him. So shove it.

Anonymous said...

Thank G-d... Stop your bitching and thankl you for accepting that King was the superior candidate... If you think you could do such a better job, you run against him!

JM said...

Maybe King will get the message: his rubber stamp following Bush policies will need to change or eventually he will be taken down. Although I kinda like his feisty personal style, the Northeast suburbs are shifting towards a progressive political agenda and away from reactionary belligerence. I'd love to see David continue his campaign and keep the pressure on Cong. King. Maybe this was a wake-up call?

gf said...

Look at the numbers, just counting those who actually voted last night - if King carried just the 66% of his district that is Republican he should have gotten around 114,000 votes.

So, assuming that every Democrat voted for Mejias, an additional 17,000 Republicans went for Mejias as well. King's base is crumbling beneath him, and two years as a follower rather than a leader will be enough to finally get him out in '08.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think Dave kicked King's butt on the issues at the debate at the Levittown Library. He not only didnt back down to King, I think he had him on the run. We cant stop here, we need to look at this as just the beginning.

Anonymous said...

In a tidal wave Democrat election cycle, Mejias can hardly be pleased with the results. This was an absolute perfect storm for Democrat challengers, just like '94, and he had Long Island's only daily newspaper providing millions of dollars worth of free publicity. If you think he can just keep building on this outcome you're crazy. Congressman King is as entrenched as any elected official in the nation.

Anonymous said...

sadly, there are too many republicans in the third cd as a prior commentor noted. this isn't the last time you'll see dave mejias and he'll continue to do good things for the people in the county legislature.

as for peter king and his followers:

you won. there is no denying that. but you only did that in this district. across the county and the world, democratic ideals are sinking in and will stay for quite some time. your congressman will be void of his only real power: this vote. it won't matter anymore. so congratulations on sending someone to the hill that will speak his mind (as we know he will, despite who he offends) but in the end will have to sit down and shut up because speaker of the house pelosi will put him in his place.

enjoy your minor win for now, and ill enjoy my major win.

dave mejias is a good man who ran a clean campaign. too bad the king race can't say the same.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, does anyone remember some lowkey guy by the name of Rudy Guiliani, who just so happened to lose the first time he ran for Mayor of NY against David Dinkins in 1989????? And how we came back 4 years later to win?????? Dave, do you hear that?????

TimJ said...

Obviously the election didn't go the way many of us who freequent this site wanted, and it wasn't as close as some of us thought it would be, however theat doesn't mean that dave ran a bad campaign, the people of the district rejcted Mejias or the people of the district really like King. few Things.

1. Dave's late start due to the Denenberg issue no doubt hurt. Most Congressional campaigns were well under way by the time dave entered.

2. name Recognition. King still had a huge name recognition advantage going in. More than 30% of the district didn't know who Dave was, that did have quite a bit to do with his late start. As more time goes on Dave will obviously be better known.

3. $$$ Even with the late entry Dave was able to raise quite a bit & spent a good amount as well. However, because of having cakewalks in the past King was abe to have an $800,000 war chest from previous cycles. As a result King had a huge $$$ advantage and outspent Mejias by perhaps over $ 1 million. keep in mind at the time King stated he was emptying his warchest he had already spent over $500,000. King spent somewhere in the $1.7-$2 million range. Mejias forced King to spend the warchest he has loaded in the past. He isn't going to have that $800K advantage from previous elections in 08 against Mejias, Suozzi or whoever his opponent might be. King also was able to raise funds through the Chairmanship position he wasn't suited for. not only does he lose the Chairmanship, he may lose his leadership roles in the GOP as well. further down the food chain, less $$$

4. Even with the race not being close as some of us thought it was going to be it was still the closest race King has had since 92 55.84-44.16. Still a good accomplishment.

5. The GOP has a 43-29-28 regristration advantage in the district. That makes voter turnout very important. Dems need a strong turnout t make up for the registration advantage. Presidential elections will have the highest turnout, and the district usually votes Dem on the Presidential level. Bush did win in 04, but that was the 9/11 bump which is gone from the northeast. Gore won by over 13 in 00, about 9 under the current lines. Another Mejias run, (or another strong challenger) ina year with high turnout, with a President race which will more than likely go Dem in the district, with the $$ advantage much lower, and with a candidate in the running the whole time and not a very late entry could have a very dfferent result.

6. Mejias has a Very bright future ahead of him. Another run at King as he would be more well known and for the reasons I said above could end up with a very different ending. A county exec run in 09 (which he would likely win) is also a possibility. The race didn't go as he, myself or many of us here had hoped, but he has one hell of a future ahead of him. He is only 36.

7. King lost his Chairmanship and could lose his leadership. Unfortunley he is still there, but with the Dems gaining advantage in the huse the chances of King screwing the people of his district time and time again will be diminished. Well the impact of King's screw job at least. He will continue to be a hard core right winger & a Bush love fest whose asinine right wing fanatical views go against the people he represents, but we will now have the votes to diminish the impact his had right rubber stamping has on us.

Anonymous said...

here here. i second the author of the blog. everyone at the campaign did an amazing job. they ran a great race and i was honored to be a part of it, if however small.

Anonymous said...

Will Suozzi run for this seat in 08? Or is he going to take on Hillary's replacement in a primary for the senate?