Saturday, November 18, 2006

How Does King Stand on Darfur?

King gets a 'C' for his efforts to help the people in the Darfur region of Sudan suffering genocidal attacks. says "Rep. King co-signed a letter urging Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo to exert his influence to change the AMIS mandate.
He co-signed a letter urging Secretary General Annan to return to Darfur and demand the UN Security Council pass a strong resolution against the Sudanese government.
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Peter King has received a “C” for not actively supporting Darfur-related legislation and failing to consistently champion the cause. Co-sponsoring one or two resolutions or providing a few favorable votes is not enough. Elected officials must continually support efforts to end the genocide in Darfur."

Darfur Peace and Accountability Act Voted For
Funding Amendment for Protection Voted Against
Funding Amendment for Humanitarian Aid Voted Against
NATO Bridging Force Voted For
Presidential Special Envoy Voted For"

For more info on what is happening in Darfur, visit this page.

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