Sunday, November 05, 2006

Kinda Weird Story About a Flyer

A flier was left at a Bellmore office. Newsday reports "What attorney David Weiss, the Bellmore GOP executive leader, first saw when he picked up the flyer was a bold message saying "KILL KING" with an international road-sign ban symbol with a diagonal line over a photograph of U.S. Rep. Peter King. On closer inspection, Weiss saw in small print, "Please don't" in front of the bold message, followed by more small letters saying "at the polls."

So the entire message was "Please Don't Kill King at the polls."

Seems like it a a badly made pro-King flyer.

The story continues "A security camera on a neighboring Bedford Avenue jewelry store, run by Hempstead Town Board Member Gary Hudes, videotaped a man delivering the flyer at 8:43 p.m. Thursday but Weiss said he didn't recognize him.
King's campaign was notified and the campaign called the police.
Weiss said he's seen all sorts of campaign literature since he's been involved in politics, "But this was above and beyond ... It's a pretty repulsive piece."

Not sure why the King campaign would call the police over what reads like a pro-King flyer.
Had is just said "Kill King" then I would whole-heartily agree that it is repulsive and whoever made it should be arrested for making threats.

Who would make a flyer that says "Please Don't Kill King at the polls" and leave it at the door of the Bellmore Executive GOP Leader of all people?

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