Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mejias Watch Watch Up and Running

Because I don't want to waste space here, head on over to Mejias Watch Watch and see how easy it is to refute King followers.
The first post is about the Mejias Watch writer attempting to make some sort of point but fails miserably because that person lacks simple research skills.

More to come later tonight.


Fixer said...

Go get 'em, pal!

BlueDogDem said...

Here's a post from "Mejias Watch"

Anonymous Mejias Watch Writer Not So Smart
The republican hack sez:
"Our friend over at KingWatch is quick to yell and scream "King is running scared!" because Rep. King, for the first time ever, is actually spending what he's raised. Fact of that amtter is, EVERY incumbent, regardless of Republican or Democrat, especially if they're popular, empties their coffers because they know that they can raise it all again in just one year if need be. KingWatch remidns me of Mejias a lot, misinformed and has no idea how Congressional campaigns work. But then again, KW endorsed Blair Mathies, someone who didn't even get endorsed by the ultra-liberal Times and Newsday. To prove my point with regards to King's fellow comrades' spending in election cycles, here are some examples:

Rep. Pelosi (Safe Democratic) - Spent $1.67M so far this year."

The dim bulb doesn't know how to read FEC reports and ignores that Pelosi gave $587,939 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, $59,999 to a Proposition 7 Opposition Group and a few hundred thousand to other candidates.
Notice that when you look at Kings filings, it doesn't show that at all. He just dropped half a million on advertising. Pelosi didn't do that.

"Rep. Israel (Safe Democratic) - Spent $1M so far this year"

Isreal gave $150,000 to the DCCC, and just like Pelosi, opended his campaign fund to help many other candidates. No half million dollar ad buy here.

"Rep. McCarthy (Safe Democratic) - Spent $1M so far this year."

McCarthy gave $100,000 to the DCCC and money to other candidates. mCcarthy is in a 2-1 republican distict and does campaipgn but there is no half million dollar ad buy here either.

"Rep. Rangel (Safe Democratic) - Spent $1.7M so far this year."

Rangel gave $200,000 to the DCCC and money to other groups and candidates. No huge ad buys here.

"Rep. Maloney (Safe Democratic) - Spent $800,000 so far this year."

I will just refer readers to Maloney's filings because once again it isn't like Kings half million dollar ad buy. $150,000 to the DCCC in case you were wondering.

And how much did King give to the RNCC?

It would be embarassing to mention here.

By the way, this moron from mejias watch doesn't realize that all of the Dem Reps he is pointing to are not spending that money on their own campaigns, but the bulk of their expenditures are donations to campaigns to help dem challengers knock of gop incumbents. That's how you move up in politics. I guess he didn't check the campaign finance reports and is a political novice/moron.