Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Night Update #1

Peter King seen tooling around in his Grand Marquis headed to his campaign office.
King had only one public appearance last night at a GOP party event.

Turnout seems to be steady.

King lit drop in Bellmore covered one republican heavy block.

Wide-spread fraud in races reported around the country.
GOP Distributing false sample ballots in Maryland
GOP fraudulent "robo-calls" in Nebraska are actually using the Dem candidate's voice!
FBI investigating GOP voter intimidation in Virginia
NY Times reports on the GOP harassing robo-calls
Right-wing radio host tells listeners to flood Democratic Party election day hotline


Anonymous said...

What do you expect from the like of Laura Ingraham telling her listener to jam Democratic lines? Ann Coulter jr there. They cant win legitimately so they have to cheat. And frankly that is illegal. Throw her in jail I say.

Anonymous said...

Congressman Peter King and ex Mayor of New York should apologise to Muslim voter in living in Long Island.
They branded all muslim living in Long Island as a Islamic terrorist.Muslims of Long Island are not terrorist. But Congressman Peter King is racist.