Saturday, November 18, 2006

More Comedy Gold from King

What world is King living in?
King has been going after Newsday saying that they were his "real opponent" in the race and in the NY Observer "said the reports of his fund-raising were greatly downplayed in the paper while the reports of money raised by his opponent, Dave Mejias, were inflated."
Seems King can't get facts straight.... or he's just lying as usual.
Newsday always reported King fundraising especially when he became chairman last year. Jioni Palmer reported back in December 2005 in the story 'King cashes in with new post', "There were no door prizes, 50-50 raffles or entertainment of any sort.Nonetheless, the recent reception at the Phoenix Park Hotel near Capitol Hill was brimming with lobbyists, lawyers, former lawmakers, industry representatives and other deep-pocketed donors with interests before Congress.
"There were probably three or four times more people there than at any other fundraiser I had," King said of the Dec. 7 event, which raised between $70,000 and $75,000 from individuals and political action committees."

Or how about recent reports "Last week, King went on network television with a purported $450,000 media buy -- a bold and normally cost-prohibitive move in New York, the nation's most expensive and saturated media market. Such as ad blitz is generally reserved for the most competitive races, and the clearest sign that Mejias' challenge is gaining steam, said political professionals from both parties.
Beyond saturating the airwaves with at least three different spots, King said he intended to swamp voters with 10 or 11 pieces of mail, which would mean one piece every other day.
'I have a lot of money and I'm covering all the bases,' King said, insisting he isn't worried about coming up short on Election Day. 'Quite frankly, I don't know what you guys at Newsday are going to do.'"

Whenever Newsday reported on the money in th erace, they always emphaszied that King had alot more that Mejias.
Newsday reported the facts about fundraising for the race and King has a problem with that "While King has a war chest of $1.59 million, half of it - $796,779 - was carried over from his last campaign. Based on what each candidate has raised during the current election cycle, Mejias has collected $103,602 more than King.

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