Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sen. Schumer Endorses Mejias and Sets Record Straight

"After Republican incumbent Peter King attempted to mislead voters in a recent campaign mailer, Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) set the record straight today by making his support of Nassau County Legislator Dave Mejias, the Democratic candidate for Congress in New York’s Third Congressional district, loud and clear. By using misleading photos and quotes, Peter King is trying to associate himself with popular New York Democrats in a desperate attempt to distance himself from President Bush and the failed policies he rubber stamped.

“Peter King’s effort to mislead voters into believing he has the endorsement of Democratic elected officials is a pathetic attempt to hide his allegiance to President Bush and the failed Republican policies,” said Mejias. “King can use all the unapproved photos and quotes he wants, but he can’t hide from his record of being a reliable rubber stamp for the Bush administration. This is one more example of a Republican working hard to keep his job, instead of actually doing his job. The voters of Long Island want change, they are sick of Peter King and the culture of corruption in Washington , and all the deceptive mail pieces in the world won’t change that.”

A recent independent poll by Constituent Dynamics has the race between Dave Mejias and Peter King in a statistical dead heat among certain voters with Mejias at 48% and King at 49%. As Election Day draws near Dave Mejias does not need to trick the voters about his support. In addition to the endorsements of the State AFL-CIO, the entire Long Island environmental community, the National Jewish Democratic Council PAC, Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice New York, Mejias also earned the endorsement of The New York Times, Newsday, and the Long Island Herald Newspapers.

“I whole heartedly support Dave Mejias for Congress in New York ’s Third Congressional District,” said Senator Charles Schumer. “Our country is going in the wrong direction and new leadership in Washington starts with new representation at home on Long Island . Dave Mejias has proven himself an independent voice in the Nassau County Legislature and has always delivered for Long Island . We can reclaim American dream, receive our fair share of Homeland Security funding, and put America back on track with new leadership in Congress.”

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