Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Day One

So here is Day One of the 2008 Congressional Race.
This website isn't going away.
There is still alot of stuff we didn't have time to get to and more is being planned.

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On January 1st, King returns to the minority and loses his chairmanship.
Not only that, his benefactor Dennis Hastert is on his way out from the leadership so there is no guarantee King will be the Ranking Member of the Homeland Security Committee or even a member.
The Republican Leadership elections will be coming up soon and this will tell us where King stands with the new leaders.

This election has taken the adjectives "moderate" and "powerful" away from King.

Looking at the preliminary numbers, King has lost votes in the district. for a non-presidential election year.
In 2002 King got 116,931 to Finz's 44,289.
This year King got 97,279 to Mejias' 76,943.
King LOST 19,652 votes in off-year elections and Mejias/Opponent GAINED 32,654 votes.
The tide didn't turn this time, but it is turning.


Anonymous said...

It's over. Get on with your life

Anonymous said...

Its not over - its just beginning.

Duke1676 said...

I guess Pete and Karl weren't "doin' the counting" last night. He may have held on this time ... but his time is difinitely running out. This WILL be Pete's last two years in office.

Congrats to Dave Mejias on an excellent race. I'm positive we'll be hearing more from him

...and Thanks for keeping up this site... great work

Anonymous said...

The voters were voting for Democrats not for Mejias. His campaigning may have added a percent or two, but I don't think he was making a difference. If this was any other year King has over 60% easily or if the dems just through a sacrificial lamb at King this year its probably around 58% anyway, so I don't think Mejias did well at all.

Anonymous said...

Duke, you're delusional. Mejias lost by double digits in a landslide Democrat year. A double digit win is hardly "holding on".

jjj said...

with all due respect you remind me of a character in literature...captain ahab!!

Duke1676 said...

Duke, you're delusional. Mejias lost by double digits in a landslide Democrat year. A double digit win is hardly "holding on".

In a district personally gerrymandered for the candidate, with a 2 to 1 majority, Mejias did an amazing job. King should not have had to spend a penny or run a single add to hold with that kind of advantage.

Additionally, the district is changing, as is the whole island. It gets bluer each time out. King is the last vestige of the old one party rule, Republican cronyism that plagued the Island for fifty years. His days ARE numbered.

Let's also just wait to see what happens next week when the House Republicans start dealing with leadership and committee issues for the next session. King's already lost his chairmanship, lets see where he ends up at the end of the day. We already know without that chairmanship, which allowed him unlimited access to bloviate ad nauseum on TV at will, he will be much less of a national figure.

His relevance diminishes daily … by 08 he will be all but irrelevant.

Joseph said...

I voted for King because I didn't want to be embarrassed by being represented by a Democrat who blamed high gas prices on "Big Oil."