Monday, November 27, 2006

What Happend to KingPAC?

Remember the political action committee King started called KingPAC also known as "Know-How and Integrity for Our National Government"?
What did the PAC do this election cycle?
Here are the numbers from Open Secrets
Total Receipts - $41,225
Total Spent - $40,759

End Cash on Hand - $463
Debts - $2,500

Where did the money go?
Nassau County Republican Club - $5950 for "event tickets"
3 Dog Consulting LTD - $20,427 for "Fundraising Consultant Fees"
So half the money that came in went to pay the firm that raised the money.
Bobby Van's - $748 for "catering"
That's Kings favorite steakhouse where he spends alot of his campaign funds.
FDNY Emerald Society - $750 for a "donation"
If King wants to donate, why doesn't he do it out of his own pocket? The Emerald Society isn't a political group.
CALIFORNIA REPUBLICAN PARTY/VICTORY 2006 - $1,200 for "contribution"
Seaford Republican Club - $4000 for "donation"
Long Beach Chamber of Commerce - $2500 for "donation"
Political Compliance Services - $2500 for "Accounting & Compliance Fees"

So more that half of what was raised went to the running of the PAC.

Next up.. Who gave to the PAC

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