Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mejias v. King Race Gets Notice in Florida as a Close Race

From the South Florida Sun-Sentinal

Democrats have excellent prospects for winning the 15 seats they need to take majority control of the House. Here are some key races.

NEW YORK, District 3
In a late surprise, Republican Rep. Peter King may be in trouble in this Long Island district."

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Jim A said...

This is a copy of a letter I wrote to Newsday:

Peter King would like us to believe he is working hard to keep us safe, but the facts just don't add up to that conclusion. He is more interested in appeasing Bush, than actually doing anything to keep us safe. King and the rest of the GOP congress have done the Presidents bidding while completely abdicating their oversight responsibility. King will point to the Dubai ports deal as his shining moment when he stood up to Bush. The thing is, so did just about every single Republican in Washington, as well as every Democrat too. The deal was so egregious it was universally condemned, so King's opposition doesn't exactly make him a maverick. The real fact is he has voted with the Bush administration nearly 90% of time, and 97% this year alone. King points to his chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee as an indication of how hard he is working for our safety. His hard work cost New York a 40% cut in its Homeland Security funding. King has voted against legislation designed to protect our ports by requiring all cargo coming into the US be scanned for nuclear material. King says he is protecting us from illegal immigration by supporting the construction of a 700-mile fence across the Mexican border, although they only funded half of it. What will a 350-mile fence across a 2000-mile border accomplish? The best way to stem the flow of illegal immigrants is to crack down hard on employers who hire them. With no jobs available, they won't come.

And finally King continues to support Bush's failed war in Iraq, claiming it is keeping us safe from terrorists. The truth is, as the National Intelligence Estimate states, the war in Iraq has done the exact opposite, and has made us much less safe. The real war on terror, the one in Afghanistan, was given secondary priority. Now huge profits from the heroin trade have led to a resurgence of the Taliban, while we are mired down in a civil war in Iraq that has little to do with terrorism. Meanwhile, Osama bin Laden runs free to record his messages and plot against us.

If it is such hard work for King to keep us safe, maybe we should give him a vacation. A permanent one.