Monday, November 13, 2006

NYTimes 'G.O.P. Worries About Effects of State Losses'

'G.O.P. Worries About Effects of State Losses'
“This was a rough year to be a Republican,” said Representative Peter T. King, who fended off a formidable Democratic challenge on Long Island. “But I’m just wondering if the demographics have changed so much. There is no Republican base anymore.”


Joseph said...

The Long Island Republicans brought this on themselves. Several decades ago, they passed zoning laws designed to keep out the riffraff. Those laws had the effect of raising housing costs to preposterous levels. Time passes ... and the political line-up changed from rich vs. poor to large families vs. small families. The large families most likely to vote Republican would rather look for cheaper housing and move somewhere else.

young dem said...

Joseph is completely correct in his statement. However, the young democrats such as myself are going to move out because they can't afford to live here either. So you'll have a lot of small families, sure but the newly energized young democrats are going to either have to suck it up and live at home with mom and dad for three years to save money, or move off the island.

TimJ said...

I'm a young Dem who might have to leave Long Island. I am 24, currently live at home with my parents, who are closing in on their retirment years. My dad can retire will full benefits next year. He's not sure yet if he will retire right away, but its a possibility, and because of the high scost of living it will be difficult for them to afford to stay on Long Island once he retires because the income (though he has a decent retirement package)will obviously be quite a bit less. They are currently looking at homes in the Charlotte area (having one built). If they decide to move down th within the next year or so, I have little choice but to move because I can't afford my own place.

Now to comment on the original post. Its not so much that the demographics have changed, but the gOP itself has changed. Now the Demographic change has had some impact, but if you look at the Demographics now and compare it to 15 years ago or so, its not nearly enough to make up for the political changes we have seen. The GOP has moved so far to the right, that the group that was once their base has left them in droves.

Educated white middle class suburbanites use to be the base of the GOP. With the hard right turn the GOP has taken they have left the GOP in droves, and while the Demographics have influenced the margins of the change, this group turning away from the GOP (as well as the same sect, but upper middle class) is a key reason the GOP has lost so much here. The party has just moved too far to the right