Saturday, November 18, 2006

They Write Letters

This is from the November 14th Newsday letters section.. "King re-elected despite NewsdayI have to give Newsday credit for candidly reporting U.S. Rep. Peter King's critical, unflattering comments about Long Island's leading newspaper ["King stays on the job," News, Nov. 8]. King has said that he was the victim of Newsday's selective news coverage and slanted editorials.
King, a registered Republican, won election by almost 20 percent against a Democratic political tide that washed across New York and the nation. King's criticism of Newsday resonates with Long Islanders of all political persuasions.
Michael P. Mulhall
The writer was a Republican and Conservative candidate for the Nassau County Legislature in 2001."

Mulhall picks up on Kings "Newsday Hates Me" theme and 6 days after the election (okay it was probably written 1 or 2 days after the election) says King won by "almost 20 percent."
Is 12 almost 20?

We're going to have more on Kings Newsday fight this week.

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