Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Newsday Endorses Mejias

After years of endorsing King, Newsday sees the light....

NEWSDAY ENDORSES: In 3rd C.D., it's time for a change

Challenger offers pragmatic approach

November 1, 2006

Newsday's editorial board has a complicated relationship with Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford). We disagree on virtually every important issue and he uses Newsday as a foil, often campaigning as if the newspaper is his opponent. Despite those mutual differences, Newsday has repeatedly endorsed King for Congress.

We've admired his independence, his willingness to stand up against political correctness and to speak his mind. He also has had the good luck to run mostly against weak opponents. This year is different. Democrat David Mejias, 35, is a strong candidate making a spirited run for the job.

King, 62, has become increasingly strident and divisive, for instance launching a blistering, broad-brush attack on local Islamic leaders whom he judged insufficiently vocal in disavowing 9/11 conspiracy theories. And although he became chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee this year - which should have been good for New York - he failed to prevent a 40-percent cut in federal anti-terror dollars to the state.

He also has unalterably supported President George W. Bush's troubled policy in Iraq and his dangerous, go-it-alone approach to governing, which would deny Congress and the courts their proper roles as checks on abuses of presidential power. When King did part company with Bush on illegal immigration, it was King who chose the wrong course: His divisive, enforcement-only approach won't solve the problem.

Mejias supports a more pragmatic policy that would include tougher border security and employer sanctions, a guest-worker program and a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants already in the country. Mejias is the son of Hispanic immigrants. He overcame economic hardship to become a lawyer and a Nassau County legislator. He's been effective, for instance, by passing a tough county registration-and-notification law for sex offenders and a domestic worker bill of rights.

Mejias promises pragmatic solutions to the nation's problems, a refreshing change. Newsday endorses Mejias.


Anonymous said...

Just wait - King Peter will link this to some major conspiracy by Newsday. Hey, when he gets bounced by Mejias, just think, he can also be a lobbyist for D'Amato or whomever...

Anonymous said...

Aww, wouldnt that be nice? Peter King and his son lobbying for D'Amato's clients. Just like they do now.

NYC Educator said...

"when he gets bounced by Mejias..."

Your mouth to God's ear.

Anonymous said...

Let me put it this way - an incumbent who is supposedly so powerful (chairman of "homeland insecurity" for all his really wonderful work) barely getting 50% in polls and having to spend all his $1.6 m when he never had to before tells us that Mejias has a real chance!!!! King Peter can talk all he wants, he has a real threat from Mejias. He can really be bounced. Lots of people I am talking to are telling me they will vote for Dave. Forget all the King signs his thugs are putting up. We may see this district turn blue by Wed.

Hoping for the best!!!! Lets get out the vote.

Anonymous said...

Hey - Dave Mejias spots are running on WFAN 660. These spots in the middle of a day are NOT cheap. You dont get the $$ to spend unless there is a real opportunity. Good stuff!

Say Goodnight Pete said...

It's really fun fantasing what it would be like with someone actually representing me in Congress.

Especially since Dave seems to have more than a good chance of deposing the King.

Please, please, please vote on Tuesday.

One more thought...

Deposed Republican congressmen across the country will soon be upping their income by becoming lobbyists, right?

So my humble advice to I'm-the-only-one-who's-ever-right Peter King after he reads his concession speech on Tuesday night:

Up yours.